Stand No: 615

Xperiel is the first company to combine Augmented Reality (AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) by building the platform and developer tools that allow brands to utilize the Real World Web (RWW). The RWW is where the physical and digital worlds converge to provide mixed reality experiences for consumers across any OS or mobile device. Xperiel’s platform is comprised of a universal trigger fabric, hardware-agnostic “super apps” that are free of limitations and an all new graphical programming language based on the founders’ original PhD research. Leveraging the proliferation of mobile sensors such as iBeacons, NFC chips, GPS, camera, microphone, and WiFi, Xperiel makes applications context-aware and capable of recognizing and reacting to these triggers. Xperiel makes it easy for users without technical experience to quickly develop applications that achieving seamless cross-platform compatibility. For companies seeking to engage with their audiences more deeply, this patented capability can significantly increase revenue, loyalty and reach. Xperiel’s platform opens the door for unconstrained access to the RWW by changing the way people interact with a completely connected world.