YE Digital
Stand No: 308

YE Digital, Inc.

YE Digital, Inc. was founded in June 2018 as a startup company aiming to become a global industrial IoT solution provider for manufacturing facilities and commercial marketplaces in Silicon Valley. At the IoT Tech Expo, YE Digital will launch MMsmartMonitor solution product, as well as the remote monitoring system, which wireless and motion detection cameras and a hub will enable the real time monitoring plus data searching through cloud via external API to the users’ platform that empowers organizations to allow 24/7/365 remote monitoring from anywhere in the world. YE Digital also provides the optional competitive deep learning data analytics and AI solutions through this service product. Our mission at IoT Tech Expo is to expand our network and find another cutting-edge technology provider, who can together collaborate, innovate, and deliver the total solutions to the next level.  YE Digital Corporation in Fukuoka, Japan, is the parent company renowned as a global AI solution provider and system integrator to Tier-1 manufacturing industries over decades.

YE Digital is also gearing up our product lines in Local Positioning System and Smart Berth System.

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YE Digital is co-presenting with Increment P North America, Inc.

Increment P North America

Increment P North America, Inc. (IPNA) is a subsidiary of Increment P Corporation (IPC)in Japan. IPNA was established in October 2016 in San Jose, California, and is the base of IPC’s business activities in the North American region. IPC has been developing Japanese digital map data for more than25 years and provides digital mapping products and services to markets that include OEM car navigation, autonomous driving systems, geographic information service (GIS) applications and other location-based services to customers from all over the world. IPC has embraced the migration of digital mapping and navigation to mobile smartphones and tablets by developing databases specifically targeted at this increasingly ubiquitous industry, which includes the IoT market. This has required expansion of its navigation data to include multi-modal and pedestrian guidance. IPC has expanded its digital mapping coverage to ten Southeast Asian countries by taking advantage of the know-how it has cultivated as a leading-edge company in the digital map industry since its founding in 1994.IPNA provides digital mapping products and services to North American companies, institutions and other entities that need high quality maps of Japan and Southeast Asian countries. We are showing a number of new technologies from our labs that will expand the capabilities of our mapping and IoT solutions. We are looking for business opportunities as well as technology partners who can improve our complex data collection and development processes.  Learn more about Increment P North America here.