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Interview: For oil and gas, patience is key to begin implementing IoT – but the pace needs to increase after

The oil and gas industry is one of the most complex when it comes to emerging technology implementation. Yet as complicated as it is, it’s people and processes which will ultimately move the needle, according to Jim Claunch, vice president of business efficiency at Equinor.

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Korean government will be visiting Silicon Valley, as an effort to promote and cultivate new business opportunities for promising Korean small and medium-sized companies specializing in IoT.

They wish to establish a successful business relationship between the United States and Korea, based on sharing and building of IoT based services and technology..

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Knowi, AI-Driven Analytics for Modern Data, is announcing the release of natural language self-service analytics.

The additional of natural language capabilities means that non-technical users can type in their questions, in English, and answers. The combination of Knowi’s powerful native analytics on unstructured, semi-structured and relational data, machine learning, and natural language capabilities..

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How Losant aims to turn the long enterprise IoT journey into manageable steps

“A lot of times in this space people love to talk about the technology – but they don’t want to work with the business about how they think about the business problems they’re trying to solve,” says Charlie Key, co-founder and CEO of Losant.

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Get Your IEEE White Paper at the IoT Tech Expo North America

IEEE will be giving away robot flash drives with copies of the recently released “Internet of Things for Telecom Engineers” white paper! The report explores fundamental insights on the IoT’s architecture, challenges, and unique impact on the telecom industry.

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Advantech launches its Solution Ready Platform (SRP) line as a total solution collaborating with Intel and Microsoft.

These are end to end solutions, from sensor to cloud, serving customers in manufacturing, energy, retail, hospital, logistics, and machine to intelligence markets..

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Acromove Inc.: Encrypted, Portable, Rugged ServerPackTM EDGE by Acromove Showcasing at IoTTech Expo North America, Santa Clara 2018

Acromove’s new ServerPackTM EDGE brings new capabilities to the Industrial Internet of Things, combines compute, storage, and networking in a unique Hyper-Converged Appliance for Edge Computing.

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WebNMS offers enterprise – grade IoT Platform and Solutions.

WebNMS is keenly focussed on domains such as Energy Management, Remote Asset and Security Management, Logistics and Fleet Management. Platform features and capabilities are tuned to enable building customized IOT applications in these domains. WebNMS IoT Platform has a growing hardware and SI partner network and is also actively expanding its partner network globally to provide turnkey IoT solutions.

The Platform provides an end to end IoT application framework right from data collection and aggregation at the edge to offering end user analytics and insights for management in a secure and scalable manner. With its continued focus on providing both on-cloud and on-premise Platform hosting capability, it is well positioned to address both small and enterprise grade customers alike.

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Lanner Partners with Zededa to Demonstrate Industrial-Strength Cloud-Managed Gateway at the IoT Tech Expo 2018

The joint partnership announces a secure, cloud-managed gateway solution ready for deployment in critical infrastructures, such as power substations, manufacturing, transportation, intelligent buildings and smart cities.

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