Ashwin Chandran is currently serving as Director of Technology at McCord Development and is involved in developing integrated, non-intrusive technology solutions that enrich all human interactions at Generation Park.

His focus is on developing smart city technology that is secure and non-proprietary, building automation that drives efficiencies at scale and generates insights that drive intelligent decisions.

He is a technology leader with 20-plus years of experience developing sensors and sensor data solutions and prior to working in the smartcity arena, he worked in the oil and gas industry leading research and product development building innovative solutions in industrial monitoring, production monitoring, MWD and Wireline tools spanning a wide range of technologies. Passionate about efficiencies driven by the insightful application of data, he is a strong advocate for the ethical, intelligent use of data that respects individuals’ right to privacy.

He holds a Master of Science from Virginia Tech in Electrical and Computer Engineering and holds multiple US patents in sensor technology.