Co-initiator and founding member of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and the ETSI industry specifications group (ETSI ISG). Responsible for the group’s communications and a liaison between the NFV group and ONF.

Other areas of expertise: Edge Computing, Private LTE, vRAN, vEPC, Network Slicing, IoT, AI for Mobile Networks, AI and Edge Computing.

Technical leader in the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) domain. Frequent conference presenter and panel speaker. Initiated and architected a number of OpenFlow-based proof-of-concepts which have been demonstrated at the company’s annual research exhibitions. Leading the “Mobile and Wireless Networks” effort within ONF’s Market Education WG. Author of numerous company reports on the topic of SDN.

Ph.D. in Computer Networks, under L. Kleinrock, with focus on packet switching architectures. Originator of the Virtual Output Queueing (VOQ) mechanism (IFIP-IEEE Conference on Broadband Communications, April 23-25, 1996, Montreal, Canada)

Initiator and technical project manager of the BReATH (Broadband eServices and Access for the Home) consortium (EU IST FP6 project)

Over 15 years of industry experience with strong background in computer networks field. Adjunct and visiting faculty at Stanford University, UCLA, USC and Santa Clara University.