Dr. Ashwani Dev is a technology focused, growth oriented with entrepreneurial attitude leader in the oil and gas sector with over 14 years of strong active research and development focus on products and solution strategies. Ashwani Dev strongly believes that customer problem focused products and strategies are going to be the anchors that help companies navigate through the rough economic times and takes to higher profitability decade over decade. Dr. Dev has worked on various upstream exploration technical problems ranging from conventional to unconventional. Ashwani Dev actively working in the areas of Big Data, machine learning and IIoT solution space. He actively scouts startups that are innovative and/or disruptive in the oil and gas space. Developing product development strategies and rebranding products with focus on revenue growth and innovation. In summary, Ashwani Dev possesses an entrepreneurial attitude leader who is always looking for solving the next challenge with innovative applications and disruptive technologies. He also provides pro bono consulting for startups and small to mid scale companies in industrial space and IoT.