Dr.Robello Samuel is currently a Technology Fellow in the Drilling division of Halliburton, working with Halliburton since 1998. He is presently a research and engineering lead for well engineering applications and responsible for research and scientific activities for new drilling technologies. Dr. Samuel has more than 30years of multi-disciplinary experience in domestic and international oil/gas drilling. He is the recipient of Gulf Coast SPE Drilling Engineering, SPE International Drilling Engineering, SPE Distinguished Membership awards. Dr.Samuel, an SPE Distinguished Lecturer has taught on the faculty of various universities and holds an adjunct professor appointment (concurrently) for the past 13 years, at the University of Houston. He has published more than 165 technical papers, reports, books, holds 8 patents, and 75 patents pending applications. Dr. Samuel serves regularly as a keynote speaker at major conferences and corporate forums and is regarded as one of the world’s most influential contributors to advancement of research and practice in drilling engineering. Dr. Samuel’s unique blend of skills with broad experience as a field engineer, thinker, thought leader, innovator, researcher, educator and educationist has given him the ability to author twelve drilling books. He holds BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering, as well as MS and PhD degrees in Petroleum Engineering.