Gregory Gundelfinger is the CEO of Telna, a US-based mobile network operator and GSMA member offering global connectivity and mobility solutions. Telna operates a software-defined multi-IMSI global connectivity hub and has over 300 direct agreements and multiple sponsored connectivity agreements. Prior to this, Gregory founded and successfully exited several start up ventures. A lawyer by training, from the University of South Africa, Gregory has been admitted as an Advocate to the Johannesburg High Court.

Gregory is the co-founder of an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), specializing in innovative delivery mechanisms (eSIM, iUICC, and eUICC), mobile network services, and management platforms, which he later vertically integrated with Telna.

Telna offers network infrastructure and commercial agreements with a dynamic API for management with the ability to pursue the IoT and machine-to-machine markets by offering Network as a Service to enable global, out-of-box connectivity to original equipment manufacturers, consumers, enterprises, and networks.