Johnny leads the overall business strategy and business development for the Core IoT Products and Technology team.  His teams interface with Synapse’s new and existing business partners, support the management of distribution partnerships and take the lead on a wide range of initiatives that support Synapse’s growth strategy. Additionally, Johnny leads the Customer Operations group. Johnny brings 20 years’ experience in the field of broadband and enterprise-level business communications technology. He adds expertise in devising solutions for the exploding demand for data delivered to and from the world’s mobile communications infrastructure, and machine-to-machine (M2M).

Serving most recently as Product Development VP for a global telecommunications company, Johnny managed product development of networking and communications equipment used in disparate network infrastructures that enable highly efficient movement of voice, data, video, and Internet communications.

Johnny currently serves on the board of directors for the Auburn University Research Center, the Industrial Advisory Board for the Auburn University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and the board of advisors for Engineering Design Technologies Thorington-Hines Architects (EDT THA) Inc., located in Huntsville, Alabama.

He earned his MBA from Vanderbilt University, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology, and BS in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University.