Josh is part of Nestlé’s Silicon Valley Innovation Outpost (SVIO), a team based in San Francisco that is dedicated to exploring how emerging technologies will shape the future of Nestlé’s businesses globally.

The SVIO is part think-tank, part experimental laboratory, working across a variety of domains (AI/ML, IoT, AR/VR, Voice, Blockchain, Robotics/Autonomous Vehicles, and New Business Models) to bring new concepts to life. Working closely with startups to build prototypes for in-market testing, this entrepreneurial team strives to demonstrate the “art of the possible” for the greater organization.

Josh comes from a 15-year background in technology consulting, with a focus on enterprise architecture, systems integration, and mobile computing. Driven by a passion to innovate and an obsession for user experience, he is a dreamer and entrepreneur at heart, even founding an internet-based animation start-up along the way. In his free time he can be found flying over the skies of the Bay Area as a private pilot. Josh has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University.