Jothy Rosenberg has a PhD in Computer Science from Duke University, where he taught computer science for five years. After leaving academia, he went on to found eight high tech startups in parallel supercomputing, internet security, internet infrastructure, web services, and document management. Two of his startups had exits over $100MM. In between startups, Jothy did a stint at Borland International where he ran the languages division (Delphi, Borland C++, JBuilder).  Borland eventually moved him to Boston for an acquisition, after which Jothy joined BAE Systems and helped lead the DARPA CRASH program to develop a processor immune to cyber attacks. Following the culmination of that contract, he moved the project to Draper to further develop and commercialize the technology. Now Jothy’s ninth startup, that effort has incorporated itself as Dover Microsystems and is excited to be bringing secure processing to the commercial world.