Industries across the board are facing the convergence of the experience and data economies, and the future we pave is limitless and thrilling. Currently, I’m focused on leading Gensler’s practice that incorporates technology into the built environment. I inspire my teams to weave stories through spaces and places that are expressive, ever changing and relevant to the people who use them. I work with our clients to leverage their values to develop creative solutions, balancing user experience with their business goals. My role as a creative lead is to help people communicate and connect within built environments by using digital as a tool to develop experiences that resonate and transform.

My degree in filmmaking and experience as a museum exhibition designer brings an imaginative vision and technical rigor to our projects. I have designed immersive and experiential solutions for brands, commercial real estate environments, corporate campuses and public parks. Most recently, I am working on the digital experience for the new lobby at 88 Kearny in San Francisco’s Financial District and the new Adobe North Tower in San Jose, CA, and with clients such as LinkedIn, Chevron, T-Mobile and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and Sony PlayStation.