Aligning business initiatives with the current security solutions to enable a successful outcome .
As a Zero Trust Strategist my mission is to provide a successful roadmap toward the ZT Architecture. This mind shift can be embraced whether you are in the enfant stages or proactively implementing with proven results. We can find a starting point together. Creating a ZTAB and re-evaluating tool relevance are just some of the value add we can address.

I am an accomplished cybersecurity consultant with C-Level relationships and a proven business development record. I am a creative out of the box strategist with over 20 years of experience with broad management skills encompassing business development, operations, marketing, sales, and business planning. My domain expertise in Zerotrust architecture provides security solutions that are driven by a focused approach around trust no one and verify everything.

Member of , ISSA and ISACA Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Board Member and Advocate for “All Voices Should Be Heard” Ethnic and Diversity Lead, Sustainability.