About the speaker

Michel Kohanim holds BS in Computer Science from USC and MS in Artificial Intelligence from Santa Clara University.

He worked for IBM from 1996 to 2007 and in a variety of roles including developer and all the way up to Enterprise Architect and Strategist.

He joined Universal Devices in 2007 because he found the vision of the company matching his own: development of intelligent, autonomous, and low cost products that facilitate and orchestrate interactions between devices, agents, systems, and human beings. IoT, AI, Energy management, SmartGrid, and Transactive Energy are just different facets of these interactions. Universal Devices’ products address these interactions natively and autonomously.

He’s also the chairman of the Semantic Working Group at IPSO Alliance and one of the original spec editors for OpenADR 2.0a/2.0b.

About the IPSO Alliance

The IPSO Alliance is a global forum comprising a diverse international membership focused on enabling IoT devices to communicate, understand and trust each other with global interoperability based on open standards. IPSO Alliance membership is open to all organizations supporting an IP-based approach to connecting smart objects and interested in defining the future of the Internet of Things.

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