Robert Bauer is the Head of Sharing Economy and Mobility Group for Marsh – Managing Director.

Robert leads a team focused on enabling the future of mobility – scooters, e-bikes, ride-share, subscription, autonomy – and sharing economy by solving the most complicated risk and insurance challenges. Technology that matches supply with demand is shifting the landscape of risk quicker than regulation and risk-taking capital markets are able to follow. The line between commercial and consumer is blurred; new pricing models are being constructed with loss history that is just starting to take shape. Yet, the way we live, move, work, and travel is changing … now!


  • 7 years at AIG, leading the Commercial Innovation team globally; led several joint ventures (Cambridge Mobile Telematics), investments (K2 cyber; Human Condition Safety), and partnerships (University of Chicago – IoT Risk Managers’ Checklist)
  • Created and sit on the Board of a road safety, data sharing think tank, that has used technology to significantly reduce traffic incidents for the Mayors of Atlanta, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo
  • Issued the first Multinational insurance policy on Blockchain – with Standard Chartered Bank and IBM
  • Board member and advisor to a few Insuretechs – including Strongarm wearables; Terbine IoT data marketplace, and Trust Ventures
  • Past lives
  • 7 years as an IP lawyer in government affairs for the Motion Picture Association
  • IP Lawyer by training, Georgetown Law Center; has written speeches for the Presidents of Afghanistan and Mongolia