Sebastien has 15 years of international business operations and strategic marketing experience in the automotive industry, occupying various positions, starting his career building a strong expertise on the “basics” of the OEM business: from Sales Forecasting, Pricing to the management of a region of 5 countries (200Meur turnover per year, >10M regarding sales promotion)

He spent 3 years as global chief marketing manager in the Electric cars division, in charge of the strategic marketing of the Personal Electric cars line up of Renault (Twizy, Fluence, Zoe). Working on 2015-2020 topics, in order to create the marketing strategy following the evolution of technology (batteries, range, charging) and the ramp-up in EV adoption.

Since Nov 2015, he has been based in California at the Renault Innovation Silicon Valley center with the goal of changing  the OEM’s business model. Going to “metallurgy” (produce, ship, sell, maintain) to “services” (example: make money during the use of the car)

From electric vehicles to autonomous driving, through connected cars, IoT, and New Mobility services, the manufacturers will have to adapt to survive. Autonomous driving is too often perceived as one final destination, but it is only a milestone in the roadmap to come. All the services around this technology will open new ways of travelling. We will no longer speak in terms of destination but in terms of journey.