Terrance (Terry) O’Shea is the Chief Technology Officer for Nytec, where he leads the engineering and development of wearable and ‘Internet of Things’ products for Fortune 100 clients. Considered a pioneer in wireless sensor networks and called the godfather of wearables, Dr. O’Shea has a rich track record in research and development of novel sensor-based technologies for a wide variety of applications, including the creation of new mobile systems and system architectures leading to new businesses. Dr. O’Shea joined Nytec from Safariland where he created the world first auto-activation holster. Prior to Safarialnd he was a HP Fellow and VP who founded the Wearables and Smart Systems.  He and his conceptualized, designed, and manufactured the Michael Bastian Chronowing™ Watch which was touted by the press as “The watch Apple wished they designed”. He established new brand, “Engineered by HP” used by Titan, Movado, Isaac Mizrahi, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Ferrari, Coach, Juicy Catore, and Izod – all connected to HP’s cloud services. Prior to HP, Terry spent 18 years with Intel Corporation, where he launched five revenue- and profit-producing wireless sensor based platforms as spinouts from Intel.