Seth Page is the Executive Vice President for Partnerships and Business Development at DataRPM. He leads the organization’s business expansion strategies through client and partnership development.

With over 20 years of experience, Seth is a stellar technologist, entrepreneur, dealmaker and financier with deep focus on IoT, Machine Learning, AI, Cognitive Predictive Maintenance and Data Science. Before DataRPM, Seth was the COO and head of Corporate Development at UniKey Technologies where he successfully led the venture capital and venture debt fundraising efforts, launched new verticals, scaled the business and forged partnerships and integrations with global technology leaders including Samsung, Nest/Google, Apple, Motorola, Honeywell and Airbnb. He co-founded PE-funded and served as the COO and Head of Corporate Development,  leading the acquisitions that formed the PV Media Group, which was later acquired by Blinkx.  Seth also served as the CEO and Co-founder of Oyster Optics in the 40-100G telecommunications and security space, which was acquired by private equity fund, TechQuity. He has also been instrumental in the acquisition of mSpot by Samsung Electronics on behalf of Corporate Finance Partners, where he served as a Managing Partner. Seth has also been associated with myGeek and Ad On Network,, BlueStone Capital Partners and the State of California’s European Offices of Trade & Investment.