Muhammad Tariq is Chief Data Scientist at Visionet. His current role includes AI transformation strategy for Pharma companies, Pharma Process translation to AI and establishing AI CoE, delivery governance of products related to AI and IoT, envisioning and enabling ROI of AI models and Cloud Engineering design of AI.

During his research career has been developing Deep Learning and Hidden Markov Models based AI for modern robots. In the past he has developed products like Home Automation Robots, Video Analytics and Occupant Modeling systems, Augmented Reality for medical use-cases, process and asset scheduling systems.  His main area of expertise is translating business problem in its mathematical representations. He has strong business acumen in Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing and Planning. He is also responsible for experiment design and model validation. His repertoire of tools for solving quantitative problems includes Deep Learning, Dynamic Bayesian Networks, Optimization and Operations Research, Simulation and Modeling, Forecasting, Econometrics and Computational Finance.