Tony Pisani is a Sr. Manager – IoT Technology and Strategy. He has created innovations in industrial automation, field service and the energy management industries concentrating on three principles – focus on the customer, create conveniences that directly correlate to revenue, and apply new technologies and ideas to problems that haven’t been solved.

Tony believes IoT will enable energy providers, Smart Cities and consumers to manage energy demand while simultaneously eliminating inconveniences demand management programs had in the past. By keeping the customer needs core to the solution and applying new IoT technology, he believes energy providers can better manage existing energy assets as well as optimizing conventional and renewable energy sources to maximize profitability and value.

Tony has worked in the power generation and industrial automation industries. Currently he directs the IoT strategy for Generac Power Systems, Inc. This includes field service applications and energy alliance products. He has built an ecosystem of IoT devices and revenue generating software products specifically targeting the power generation industry.

Tony holds a MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Wisconsin and an undergraduate degree in Information Systems from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas.