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The importance of digitalization and integration in the world of engineering/ construction, moving data and transforming into information from embedded devices to the cloud can now be realised through international standardisation activities inclusive of the OPC Foundation OPC UA technology and the over 40 organisations that the OPC Foundation has collaborated with.  The world of industry 4.0 and the industrial Internet of things with standardisation of communication and information provides the necessary infrastructure requirements bridging the IT and OT worlds together.

Industry 4.0 is driving standardisation and how structures are designed, built, maintained and utilised.   Long-term innovation through digitalization with industry 4.0 will provide many significant opportunities to construction.

  • Business Value proposition of industry 4.0 and the industrial Internet of things
  • Learn how the End users and suppliers are demanding and leveraging the benefits of the OPC international standardisation activities
  • Learn how OPC UA provides Industrial Interoperability for the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0
  • Learn how the OPC Foundation collaborations with other industry organisations are working to revolutionise the transformation of data, providing an infrastructure for the modelling of Information

Associated Speakers:

Thomas J. Burke

Strategic Marketing Officer

OPC Foundation

Associated Talks:

11:50AM - Day 2

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