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As mobility continues to become more decentralized, smaller and more nimble, the importance of fleet management as a service (FMaaS) increases. Today, ride-hailing and P2P car sharing are two of the fastest growing modes of transport, both of which are increasingly moving towards managed fleets. Similarly, OEMs and tech companies develop and deploy self-driving cars, there’s a real risk that vast majorities of vehicles involved in transport will be managed by companies for whom fleet management is not a core competency. Luckily, connected cars and Fleet Management as a Service providers can bridge the gap.

Associated Speakers:

Ohad Zeira

Vice President – Fleet Ventures

Avis Budget Group

Associated Talks:

09:50AM - Day 1

View Connected Fleets Central to the Future of Urban Mobility

10:20AM - Day 1

View Panel: Smart Logistics and the Connected Fleet

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