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The Internet of Things (IoT) is already impacting every facet of the way companies operate, innovate and provide solutions, and is starting to have an impact on consumers too. IoT has moved from a promise to real-world problem solving with proven use cases, driven by companies and technologies that ensure the full potential is realized.  This presentation covers:

  • The evolution and benefits of LoRaWAN® which is regarded as the de facto standard for unlicensed LPWAN technology
  • The importance of ecosystem, with overview of the LoRa Alliance®
  • No single technology will capture all of the massive IoT applications; choice of technology is application dependent. Examples of key use-cases and verticals that have proven IoT solutions and which different technologies will co-exist to deliver massive IoT
  • Why certification is essential for interoperability and scaling deployments
  • Why developer community and innovation is essential

Associated Speakers:

Sara Brown

Co-Chair, Marketing Committee / Vice President of Marketing

LoRa Alliance / Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.

Associated Talks:

04:30PM - Day 1

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