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The Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace will benefit greatly from a standard rating system that documents the relative security potential of devices.  To achieve this goal, we have identified 20 specific security features that contribute to device security, and have devised a scoring scheme that expresses a device’s relative security posture as a single numeric value.

Device manufacturers seeking to distinguish themselves from their competition on the basis of security features, now have a way to document and communicate the security potential of their devices in a standard and objective fashion.

Consumers will also greatly benefit from the ability to quickly assess the security features of devices and make more informed purchase decisions.

The industry as a whole will benefit from a standardized and open security scoring system that rewards more secure solutions.

In this discussion we will:

  • Present and explain the 20 security criteria that are recognized by the rating model
  • Explain the formula used to capture the criteria as a single value that can be used to classify the device
  • Discuss the value of the rating systems to different audiences of consumers, manufacturers, vendors, and marketing staff

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Joe Fisher


Affinity IoT Security

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10:20AM - Day 1

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