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Parking is the first point of engagement for clients with any real estate development and managing parking is a manual process generally.

Generation Park piloted new connected IoT parking meters which can monitor each street spot and do licence plate recognition, powered by solar and communicating real time over LTE. The meters enabled live availability, reserving parking, automated parking enforcement with no boots on the ground, and making premium parking more available to short-term visitors.

The talk will go into details of:

1. The meters and their capabilities
2. Automated parking management
3. How we enabled seamless park and walk for visitors
4. Automated enforcement program
5. Metrics and behaviour analysis
6. Learnings and path forward

Associated Speakers:

Ashwin Chandran

Director of Technology

McCord Development

Associated Talks:

05:00PM - Day 1

View Smart Cities: IoT Pilot for Street Parking with automated enforcement

12:25PM - Day 2

View Panel: Environmental IoT: Sustaining the Future Through Connected Solutions

11:50AM - Day 1

View Panel: Building Automation, the Infrastructures of Tomorrow

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