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In the last few years, IoT hype has been overwhelming. We’ve been inundated by technology messages and predictions about billions of connected devices and trillions of dollars of economic opportunity. While all true, IoT is not really about those things. It is about front-line people and processes using IoT technology to create new business outcomes. It is about the journey of thousands of organizations already leveraging IoT to optimize their operations, introduce disruptive business models and discover new revenue streams.

In this talk, the speaker provides a proven step-by-step guide for organizations in most any industry to start and scale their own IoT journey. Drawing on his recent New York Times Best Seller, “Building the Internet of Things,” the author and Cisco executive shares eight key ingredients for any successful IoT implementation, four fast paths to payback, several business case studies, common deployment mistakes, and practical best practices. He will get past the hype and illustrate how to capture the full value of IoT today.

Associated Speakers:

Maciej Kranz

Vice President, Strategic Innovation

Cisco Systems

Associated Talks:

04:10PM - Day 1

View IoT Reality Check: Starting and Scaling the Journey

02:10PM - Day 1

View Keynote Panel: Connectivity for M2M devices; LTE, NB-IoT and beyond

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