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Farmers are constantly challenged to provide a growing global population with the resources needed to feed, clothe and fuel the world sustainably, all while facing a major labor shortage. Agriculture and technology have been intertwined for hundreds of years – from the introduction of the steel plow all the way to self-driving tractors. Up next? Autonomy. This session will explore:

  • How an industry as old as agriculture has adopted the IoT and integrated a powerful combination of connected technology, from GPS to sensors and AI, to enable farm equipment to work more efficiently, precisely and now autonomously, than ever before.
  • The technologies driving autonomy, including stereo cameras, sensors, and ultra-fast GPU processors to detect and interpret 360-degree changes and learn more information to grow smarter with each pass over the field.
  • The ways that autonomy enables farmers to face their challenges head on so they can execute their plans, increase productivity and take advantage of the flexibility of remote management solutions to confidently run their operation from anywhere.

Associated Speakers:

Noah Schwartz

Senior Principal Engineer

Bear Flag Robotics Group at John Deere

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11:40AM - Day 1

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