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NRW-DT is a digital twin that helps water utilities identify leakage. It uses pressure and flow sensors to create a live model for a pressure zone. Using these data inputs, the solution identifies potential leakage locations. The innovative technology behind NRW-DT allows water utilities to automatically identify the sources of leaks and avoid the costly and time-consuming process of manually inspecting infrastructure. 

  • Reducing non-revenue water is a top priority for utilities across America and around the world. 
  • Successful implementation of IoT solutions can potentially provide water utilities with the data they need to identify leaks or breaks in their water infrastructure sooner and more accurately, which can significantly reduce the volume of water lost. 
  • Our solution was pilot tested with a water utility in Ohio, where the leak detection solution showed excellent results. 

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Rebeca Gomez

Digital Twins Product Manager


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02:20PM - Day 1

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