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    Day 1


  • Problem Statement – what is Used Oil Analysis, why is it so important and what are the current issues with that process for customers? Maintaining high-level quality oil in critical machinery and engines is critical to operations. 
  • Issues when things go wrong – unplanned downtime, equipment failure, manual errors, time delays, etc 
  • Solution – what is Castrol Smart Monitor – IOT solution using a tiered service offering to Industrial/marine customers? Allows them to monitor the condition of their oil in near real-time using the Castrol IoT Platform and features. 
  • Why – what is the value of this to both B2B customers and to Castrol themselves? 
  • Real-life Customer success story from one of our trial customers (we will need to mask the customer’s name) 
  • What does the future look like for this solution? 

Associated Speakers:

Noorddin Taj

Head of Architecture and Design of Intelligent Operations


Associated Talks:

02:15PM - Day 1

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