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In this presentation, I’ll explore how IoT technologies are being implemented in railways and, specifically, in rail transit systems. I’ll compare different strategies for tracking vehicles and monitoring their condition using IoT sensors along the railway lines. I’ll delve into various vehicle-to-infrastructure radio communication technologies, assessing their appropriateness for various applications. The pros and cons of using dedicated communication systems versus mobile network carriers will be highlighted. 

I’ll also provide insights into the evolution of train control system architectures, focusing on the recent shift of intelligence to edge computing. I’ll ponder over the irony of transitioning from hardware and proprietary interfaces to commercial-of-the-shelf technology and open standards yet still undertaking control system upgrade projects costing over $1 billion. 

  • Safety certification’s impact on the development of rail systems will be examined, with a particular focus on the approach to certifying the new AI-based systems. Lastly, I’ll look at the updated TSA security directives concerning the cybersecurity of rail systems to understand their implications. 
  • The Internet of Trains: Wireless Connectivity, IoT and the Future of Public Transit 
  • Connect vehicles and infrastructure through high availability 5G networks. 
  • Consider the safety and cybersecurity implications of software-defined edge computing architectures. 
  • Leverage new IoT sensors to provide safety-critical positioning in GNSS-denied environments. 
  • Seize the opportunity to automate transit operations with AI-powered driver assistance systems. 

Associated Speakers:

Joffrey Lauthier

Head of Rail North America

TUV Rheinland

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