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REscan, Inc. partnered with Patrick Space Force Base’s Fire Department to create a digital fire inspection system utilizing REscan’s digital twin technology.

The system could eventually replace the current paper-based fire inspection system, which is required annually for all buildings on the installation.

The R&D is focused on adding labels, tags and other information to fire-related elements in the digital twin, and then enabling the user with features that will help in pre-incident planning, fire inspection, and operations during an actual crisis.

Items which are connected to the base alarm system can be specifically identified in the scan and quickly found in the case of an alarm.

Pathfinding features can direct the user to any item labelled in the facility, or to the specific category physically closest to the user’s position (ie AED, fire extinguisher, hydrants etc.).

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Robert Herman

CEO & Co-Founder


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12:20PM - Day 1

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