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By making full use of the characteristics of IoT big data, the TDengine team has developed a high-performance, cloud-native, simplified solution for IoT data processing. With its native distributed architecture and innovative storage engine, TDengine shows superior scalability and can support over one billion IoT devices while outperforming other time-series databases in data ingestion, querying, and data compression. It can be deployed on Kubernetes as well as public, private, and hybrid clouds.
In addition, TDengine has built-in caching, data subscription, and stream processing to provide a simplified solution for time-series data.
All of these features can simplify the design of your systems and reduce your operating costs significantly. To make it more easily accessible, TDengine is open source. It has gathered over 19,200 stars on GitHub and has over 150,000 running instances in over 50 countries.
Furthermore, TDengine’s cloud service is running on AWS, Google, and Azure with “pay as you go” usage-based pricing. You can set up the service with a few clicks in less than a minute and enjoy a serverless time-series data processing platform that is fast, elastic, and cost-effective. With TDengine, you only need to focus on your business application without having to worry about the underlying data platform.

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Jeff Tao

Founder, CEO and Core Developer


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02:20PM - Day 1

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