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During Drug Trials, the efficacy of a drug is currently measured through endpoints of disease severity. Such endpoints are calculated using patient or physician-reported scores of severities. These scores have inherent subjectivity and face noise due to inter-observer variation. Medical sensors capture extensive raw data that can be refined through AI. Such AI can predict the disease severity scores using just sensor data. This System has been helping our Pharma clients in: 

  • 24/7 Patient Condition tracking – Some diseases require condition tracking all the time and manual recording is impossible. Wearable sensors present a temporal picture and rich data for causality analysis.  
  • Quantitative approach to Endpoints– Subjectivity in self-reporting of conditions is minimized. It also helps avoids physician-to-physician variance. 
  • Improved visibility to adherence – Patients and clinical staff are prone to omissions in the regimen. Wearable sensors make it easy to prune the clinical data that need to discard due to non-adherence to the protocols. 

Associated Speakers:

Tariq Khan

Chief Data Scientist


Associated Talks:

02:00PM - Day 1

View VIRTUAL PRESENTATION: Wearable IoT Devices and AI in Pharma – Digitalizing Drug Trial Outcomes and Disease Severity Reporting

02:00PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Wearable IoT Devices and AI in Pharma – Digitalizing drug trial outcomes and disease severity reporting

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