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Digitization and latest developments in the internet of things (IoT) is blurring the lines between technology companies and other types of companies;  Digital disruption from new entrants are threatening margins for large corporations at an unprecedented scale. Several pioneering companies and early adopters have seen tremendous positive impact but adoption remains slow and limited in most industries. Most companies are still either at the start of the journey or unable to go beyond the pilot stage, where technology is deployed experimentally at reduced scale for an extended period due to lack of buy-in and  technical knowhow among the employees.

To maximize the potential gains in productivity brought by technology, companies must move from pilots to adopting technology at scale, across multiple production facilities and through relevant value chains. This IoT wave is more about empowering people than fitting within the existing enterprise patterns and practices. Organizations need to encourage their employees to adopt a “maker” mindset to  accelerate technology adoption  by inspiring them to both think of solutions and make them happen.

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Karthik Sankaran

Senior Director - Digital Services


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11:50AM - Day 2

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