Day 1 - 4 November 2020




Applied Strategies for the IoT: Opening Presentation

Chair’s Opening Remarks Day 1

IoT Enabled Digital Transformation


Presentation: Barriers to Adoption – What are the Biggest Challenges across the IoT Space?

  • What are the current challenges across the IoT space including, granular data, data protection, security and legacy equipment?
  • What technologies are enabling operators to adapt and overcome these challenges?
  • How industries are adapting to new business models and thriving from IoT enabled processes.


Presentation: IoT & The Intelligent Enterprise – What Matters?

  • What are the best practices to achieve an intelligent enterprise?
  • How can IoT help enable transformation?
  • Examples of these solutions in practice


Panel: It’s Time to Change; How IoT is driving Digital Transformation?

  • How digital transformation will change how enterprises operate and deliver value to customers.
  • What role can integrating IoT play in improving service delivery, health and safety and efficiency?
  • What else can IoT vendors do to aid digital transformation within their customers businesses – discussing future technologies and directions.
  • Examples of how enterprises have successfully employed IoT to digitally transform their businesses.


Networking Break


Presentation: We Work Better Together – How Collaborations are Key to Success

  • Breaking down silos – barriers to entry.
  • How to evaluate new technologies for your business.
  • Understanding the risks.
  • How to make strategic decisions that are right for your company, not just your technology strategy.


Presentation: Cloudification for Digital Transformation

  • What is Cloudification?
  • How a full shift to the cloud for business processes will enable digital transformation across industries.
  • The security flaws inked with Cloud and Edge computing and how these can hind utilisation.
  • Where to start with this process and the evolution of the ‘cloud broker’ title.


Panel: Monetizing the Enterprise – IoT for ROI

  • Exploring which Digital Technologies can increase business optimisation, rather than unnecessary adoption.
  • The power of Edge for optimised processes.
  • Finding the balance – the importance of cultural progression and sustainability capabilities to enable the workforce.
  • Looking beyond productivity and growth, how else can IoT be leveraged for better ROI?


Networking Break

Data Insights for Optimisation


Presentation: From Steel to Sustainability – a look at Digital Data in Manufacturing

  • How disruptive technologies are allowing manufacturers to reach ROI in a low-margin industry, from IIoT to Edge Computing and the Cloud.
  • Understanding your ‘Data Cake’ – Optimising all aspects of the business, not just an element for true efficiency.
  • Living in the age of Industry 4.0 – How predictive maintenance and other key industry technologies have changed optimisation and sustainability.


Presentation: Find Your Edge – Connecting People & Machines to Data

  • The Edge is a data-rich environment – how do you integrate this technology into your current infrastructure?
  • How to maximise the key data you gather.
  • Looking further at how to extract business value from this data-rich environment.


Presentation: Listen to the Machine – Utilising M2M Data in Industry 4.0

  • At the heart of Industry 4.0 is IoT and machine learning – what is the process for breaking down the mass data gathered to develop operations?
  • How do you integrate M2M devices into your current infrastructure?
  • Are we reaching a stage in industry 4.0 where we can operate purely from fully automated systems?


Networking Break


Presentation: It’s Not Me, it’s You – Data Compliance, Who Owns your Insights?

  • As data typically comes from third party sensors, does this data belong to them or to your own device?
  • Does data ownership need to be regulated as companies are able to monitor more and more our everyday interactions, emotions ad behaviours?
  • The importance of identifying where your key data is before you aim to regulate it – an example of this in industry.


Panel: Intelligent Decision Making – IoT & AI Data Analytics for Predictive Maintenance & Process Optimisation

  • Identifying target-rich, high-value data that can be used to generate actionable insights.
  • Using cloud analytics platforms to derive value from IoT data.
  • Discussing the barriers to widespread IoT/ AI /Big Data value delivery and how these might be overcome.
  • Real time data analytics in practice – examples of how IoT / AI data is creating business efficiency and revolutionising working practices in the predictive maintenance space.


Applied Strategies for the IoT: Closing Presentation

Chair’s Closing Remarks Day 1


Session's Close

Networking Party | 6pm-10pm | Levi’s Stadium  

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