Day 2 - 12 May 2022



IoT Connected Enterprise: Chairpersons Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 



Connectivity for Resilient Smart Cities

  • The latest trends and technologies advancing connected living.  
  • Moving from smart cities to resilient cities.   
  • Connectivity and security – what needs to happen to help secure such critical infrastructures?  
  • How collaboration across solution providers and cities is essential to growth.  



Keynote: Working on the Edge for Optimum Response

  • Edge processing for optimum IoT deployments – how this resolves latency and connectivity barriers.    
  • The advantages of running on quicker response rates through a de-centralised system.   
  • Examples of Edge technologies at work.  



The Solutions of the eSIM

  • What eSIM offers that other connectivity solutions don’t – the opportunity for interoperability.   
  • A look at the capabilities of device connectivity over a range of sectors. 
  • Is a change in the telecom business models still needed for wider adoption of the technology? 



Peter Wilson

Director, IoT Partner Program


Associated Talks:

11:35AM - Day 2

View Panel: Connectivity for 2022 and Beyond

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Panel: Connectivity for 2022 and Beyond

  • Tackling the lack of interoperability – how can we make progressions in this space? 
  • Formalising the infrastructure – creating parameters for data types and business models to create a holistic approach. 
  • Policy, privacy, trust and certification – overcoming the issues created by people, not the technology.  
  • Using AI, ML, Edge, digital twin and other disruptive technologies to optimise products and services for the next frontier of IoT connectivity. 
. Peter Wilson, Director, IoT Partner Program, Telefónica


Networking Break



IoT on the Move with the Smart Automotive

  • Current roll-out and real-life use of connected cars – what we’ve learnt so far. 
  • Utilising Edge technologies for quick response.  
  • Securing connected cars – what are the biggest issues in this space?



IoT Solutions for Optimum Remote Connectivity

As more and more sensors and devices need connecting, there is still a limit as to how well these can run in remote environments. This session will uncover the current IoT market for remote connectivity including, where the current pitfalls are and to a look at the evolving landscape. What needs to change in this space for a successful trajectory?  



Panel: Keeping Smart Infrastructures on the Edge

  • Edge technologies enabling interconnectivity for truly optimised infrastructures.  
  • Creating a fully digital enterprise – how to digitalise legacy systems. 
  • The advantages of being able to create localised infrastructures. 
  • What new services will arise from these optimised infrastructures?  



IoT Running on 5G

  • How Critical IoT and Massive IoT reach higher capabilities running on 5G.  
  • Understanding the role of capacity for the sheer number of connected devices deployed.   
  • Running on ultra-low latency for instant data insights and AI responses.   



Talking to the Machine with M2M Connectivity

  • ‘Plug and play’ approach to machine connectivity – knowing what sensors you need and where to use them.    
  • Utilising the data gathered to understand operational insights like never before.    
  • Cloud Vs Edge – knowing what connectivity is needed at different stages.  


End of Day