Day 2

29 November 2018


Connected Enterprise: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Comments

Smart Supply Chain


Solo: Smart Supply Chain Management

A presentation discussing how machine learning and artificial intelligence will impact on management of supply chains across industry.


Panel: End to End Supply Chain Solutions

  • Evaluating different approaches to managing the entire supply chain using IoT – from raw materials to warehousing and last mile deliveries.
  • Discussion of the benefits of end-to-end data sharing between stakeholders along the supply chain – linking ERP systems to front end CRM to creat dynamic business models that react to customer demand.
  • Visions for the future – what role will blockchain and smart contracts play?


Networking Break

Smart Asset Management


Case Study: Remote Monitoring and Control

This talk will look at how IoT technologies such as Smart Equipment and Sensors are helping improve supply chain processes and helping retailers have an unparalleled insight into their inventory and supply chains.


Solo: Fleet Management

How the use of IoT technologies such as ‘in-memory computing platforms’ and ‘digital innovation systems’ are driving insight and truly allowing companies to see inside their fleet to understand patterns.


Panel: Asset Tracking for Enterprise

  • How geolocation and other asset tracking technology can be implemented across all sectors: distribution, health, industry, maintenance, logistics, agriculture, etc?
  • What role can the data gathered from this type of E2E connectivity take on (eg. Provide context for better decision making, increased efficiency)
  • What are the connectivity issues related to this technology?


Networking Lunch

Smart Trade


Panel: Logistics Solutions for 2018 Using the IoT

  • E-commerce is increasing exponentially across the globe, will IoT be a way to manage this growth?
  • Is there a call for partnerships between logistical companies to optimise deliveries within cities to avoid excess congestion and pollution? Are drones a solution for the final mile problem?
  • How businesses should tackle vehicle generated big data, plus that generated by connected freight such as refrigerated containers.
  • Moving beyond telematics to transform connected assets into intelligent devices.
  • What impact will the IoT have on the future of worldwide logistics?


Case Study: The Journey of Transport and Logistics Companies Within the IoT

Transport and logistics companies rely on rapid information about their networks to make decisions – therefore they were the first to look at how the IoT could be used to their advantage within their current processes.

This talk looks at how IoT technology can give companies advanced visibility to almost every part of their business, and how the data garnered can be used for informed decision making.


Networking Break


Panel: Revolutionising Retail and Payments Using IoT

  • How does the era of IoT change the relationship between retailers and their customers e.g through Smart mirrors, wearables, dressing rooms, supply chain management and individualised marketing.
  • Discussing how to integrate seamless and secure payment systems into a plaethora of IoT devices, from cars to smart bracelets.
  • What role can technology like RFID and Bluetooth beacons play within the smart retailing and payments environment – through inventory management to loss prevention.
  • Real life examples of how IoT is being used across in-store experience, real-time marketing, enhanced loyalty programs, and mobile e-commerce in retail stores, stadiums and beyond.


Solo: Creating Brand/Consumer Channels in Retail Using IoT

  • Exploring how the IoT can create a direct brand-consumer channel.
  • What potential does this IoT ‘channel’ have for multi-way communication and to what extend can it be used for consumer engagement?
  • Using IoT data streams to effectively equip yourself to form closer relationships with the customer.
  • Security and privacy necessary for trust-based consumer-brand relationship.


Panel: Connected Insurance in 2018

  • How has connected insurance moved forward in the previous year and what are the directions for 2018?
  • Discussing the influence of customer experience and expectation on development of IoT based insurance solutions – simpler, easier to access.
  • Existing insurance companies’ vs new Insurtech companies – who is succeeding?
  • Emerging markets – enterprise and cyber security insurance, plus hardware as a service.


Session Close