Day 1

28 November 2018


Connected Industry: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Comments

Smart Buildings & Factories


Solo: IoT-Enabled Smart Buildings

This talk will look at the IoT in enabling buildings to work holistically in helping reduce inefficiencies, optimising the use of resources and creating a comfortable and productive environment. It will also look at the way in which smart buildings interact with the cloud to gain insights from the data gleaned to uncover actionable insights.


Panel: Smart Structures, Intelligent Buildings and Factories

  • The benefits of Intelligent buildings, such as the reduction in service costs, energy consumption and increased efficiency
  •  The role of smart lighting, temperature control, security systems within connected the connected building – what will be the next big addition?
  • Process Automation – moving beyond IoT to intelligent objects.
  • Examining new factory concepts enabled by the ‘Industrial Internet’ – utilising smart buildings and smart machinery
  • Service Automation – IoT as the critical component  for 100% automated end-to-end processes

Smart Manufacturing


Keynote: Shell and IoT


Networking Break


Solo: Updating Legacy Equipment vs. Installing New IoT Systems

  • Examining updating legacy machines and equipment with IoT technologies – examining the methods, results and pain points.
  • Does enabling IoT improve on KPIs for production and resource consumption?
  • What are the cost/benefit considerations when determining which options to go for?
  • How to determine what the right data you need from legacy equipment is?  How to get it, and how to get it as quickly as possible?


Keynote Panel: Predictive Maintenance – How to Unlock True ‘Actionable Insight’

  • Exploring the technology available for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance across industry, from maintaining wind turbines to services elevators.
  • Are we moving from reactive to predictive maintenance, and what role can ML play here? What about fixing problems remotely?
  • The potential benefits for business innovation and strategy of implementing IoT for maintenance, and what is holding industries back here?
  • Discussing the impact that data models used for predictive maintenance have on field services, and the need for feedback loops to continually refine them.


Solo: Agritech, IoT and Smart Farming

  • What is the future for irrigation control, fertiliser management and other types of connected farming technologies?
  • How can IoT impact on agriculture and farming in emerging markets – discussing the need for low barriers to entry for farmers worldwide.
  • What is the value of using new IoT technologies such as drones within farming.
  • The role of mobile data collection, analysis, sensors and remote management in creating a connected farm and increasing yields whilst reducing wastage.


Networking Lunch

Smart Machinery


Afternoon Keynote: Business Transformation Using IoT at Caterpillar


Panel: Smart Manufacturing for every product

Jeremy Goodwin



Associated Talks:

02:20PM - Day 1

View Panel: Smart Manufacturing for every product

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  • Looking at the way in which IoT-enabled smart manufacturing can provide visibility of resources, assets, processes, for enhanced productivity and better ROI.
  • Process Automation – moving beyond IoT to intelligent objects.
  • In addition to the IoT, this discussion will look at the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and Virtual Reality (VR) on manufacturing.
. Jeremy Goodwin, CEO, SyncFab


Case Study: Food and Beverage Manufacturing Using the IoT

The food and beverage manufacturing industry has truly taken IoT into its core, with connected and smart technologies being used throughout the process, from tracking ingredients and finished products to reduce wastage to ensuring safe transportation of products.  Using real life examples from their business, hear from a real-life company working in this sector about how IoT has given them the technological and economic advantage over the competition.


Afternoon Keynote: IoT and Workforce Transformation

What will the future of the workforce look like and how will digital labour in manufacturing and other industries transform the skills mix and focus of tomorrow’s workforce?  What effect will the move from traditional methods to easily-created connected mobile experiences that leverage IoT tech have on new levels of human-thing interaction across the product lifecycle?  This talk will address these questions as well as exploring what concerns your employees might have about adopting this new technology – from leaving a digital footprint to being replaced by smart technologies.


Solo: IT/OT Convergence

  • How the integration of IT systems into operational technology can transform your industry, both on the factory floor and within the board room.
  • Discussing how to get buy in from your organisation and combat cultural biases – within the C-suite but also across traditionally siloed departments like engineering and IT, and the high level of co-operation needed to achieve this.
  • The role of IoT-enabled Digital Twins in transforming the way industry creates, operate, and service machinery.
  • Hear real life case studies from a leading IoT vendor specialising in helping companies integrate IT and OT.


Session Close