Day 2 - 6 June 2024



Mike Bergman

Vice President, Technology & Standards

Consumer Technology Association

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10:00AM - Day 2

View Applied IoT Security – Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

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Applied IoT Security – Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

. Mike Bergman, Vice President, Technology & Standards, Consumer Technology Association



Presentation: The current state of IoT security in 2024: What’s around the corner for your organisation?

  • Further minimum requirements have been imposed for the security of IoT products in 2024, such as more emphasis on strong passwords, vulnerability testing, safeguarding of data, consumer data rights, and software updates. 
  • Why is it important to adhere to such rules, and what are the potential consequences if we don’t? 



Ellen Boehm

SVP, IoT Strategies and Operations


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10:50AM - Day 2

View Presentation: Designing cybersecurity into your IoT devices

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Presentation: Designing cybersecurity into your IoT devices

  • Cybersecurity in IoT devices starts with design and run through the product’s end of life; it doesn’t end when the device ships 
  • IoT OEMs are experts in their field but may not be experts in cybersecurity 
  • Leveraging certificates and code signing to protect product doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when experts have already laid out the process for you 
. Ellen Boehm, SVP, IoT Strategies and Operations, Keyfactor


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Fireside Chat: Cooking up a security storm: The ingredients of an empowered team culture

  • How do we ensure that our team has a common understanding of the current situation in terms of threats, technologies, data, and devices, so that the most relevant security measures can be carried out? 
  • What are the most effective procedures we can follow to ensure that team members are communicating well with each other and across departments; defining responsibilities clearly, minimising disruption, and maximising resilience?  



Presentation: Applying a Zero Trust approach through your solutions

  • This session will enable you to better assess your current zero trust maturity, device health, and Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls, by discussing the solutions most relevant for specific IoT environments. 



Presentation: Securing the supply chain: Risk assessment and analysis

  • Understanding how to define your software supply chain, and how to strengthen your information security practices to best avoid attacks. 
  • Analysing risk assessment, threat intelligence, compliance management, vendor risk management, continuous monitoring and more factors to consider. 


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Santosh Putchala

Product Privacy Manager


Associated Talks:

02:00PM - Day 2

View Panel: Mitigating IoT privacy and security risks across industries: Success and failure stories

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Panel: Mitigating IoT privacy and security risks across industries: Success and failure stories

  • Addressing concerns in relation to CCPA, privacy by design, cybersecurity by design, and other guidelines which are designed to protect your organisation from IoT related privacy and security threats. 
  • Use-case studies around connected and embedded devices; the implications of weak solutions and ecosystems. 
. Santosh Putchala, Product Privacy Manager, Meta



Presentation: IT and OT collaboration to prevent cyber attacks

  • Securing your Information Technology (IT) systems, Operational Technology (OT) devices and industrial control systems (ICS) efficiently; connecting the digital and the physical. 
  • Industry-specific examples of IT and OT convergence to accelerate security measures, therefore creating stronger barriers for cybercriminals to target. 



John Opala

VP & Global Chief Information Security Officer

Hanesbrands Inc.

Associated Talks:

03:00PM - Day 2

View Presentation: IoE vs IoT: The next phase we need to prepare for

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Presentation: IoE vs IoT: The next phase we need to prepare for

  • We will learn more about the future of connectivity, and how IoT is evolving into the networked connection of people, process, data, and things. 
  • Exploring how we can use IoE in our organisation to cut costs, improve business posture, and tighten existing infrastructures. 
. John Opala, VP & Global Chief Information Security Officer, Hanesbrands Inc.



Chairperson’s Closing Remarks