Day 2 - 5 November 2020




Enterprise Connectivity: Opening Presentation

Chair’s Opening Remarks Day 2

Connectivity Considerations


Jeanne Holm

Deputy CIO & Senior Technology Advisor to the Mayor

City of Los Angeles

Associated Talks:

09:45AM - Day 2

View Presentation: Connecting Communities – Smart Environments through IoT Networks

05:05PM - Day 1

View Panel: Intelligent Decision Making – IoT & AI Data Analytics for Predictive Maintenance & Process Optimisation

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Presentation: Connecting Communities – Smart Environments through IoT Networks

  • As the core of smart stadiums, cities and environments successes are based off of connectivity, which solution/s from the wide-array of options available will be integral to future success?
  • What other disruptive technologies can enable these connected spaces?
  • A look at the pro’s and con’s of these and industry use-cases.
. Jeanne Holm, Deputy CIO & Senior Technology Advisor to the Mayor, City of Los Angeles


Presentation: Keep Calm & Carry On – Real-time Monitoring Enabling Optimum Response

  • How do you deploy this level of connectivity in a legacy infrastructure?
  • What barriers arise when monitoring assets?
  • Industry examples of monitoring and response in action.


Panel: Covering the Range – Connectivity Considerations of the IoT

  • What is the best connectivity option for your product?
  • Discussions around range vs. data rate vs. power consumption for these IoT connectivity technologies.
  • The necessary steps that need to be taken to help secure and scale networks – is this where Mobile Private Networks step-in?
  • How to adopt key connectivity and security solutions into your pre-existing infrastructure.


Networking Break

Standards, Security & Applications


Presentation: Standardisation, the Key to Success

  • What current regulation and certification is in place across the IoT eco-system?
  • As there are varying views of standardised, how do we reach a unanimous account of what is correct? Does this need to be an industry-by-industry definition?
  • Creating pragmatic expectations and how to ensure you are following protocol in such a rapidly evolving landscape.


Presentation: eSIM Technology as an Enabler for IoT Connectivity

  • Are eSIMs really that revolutionary? The pros and cons discussed.
  • Why cellular connectivity (SIM or eSIM) enables more value.
  • The reality of IoT solutions: a customer’s perspective.


Panel: Keeping It Connected – Mobile Networks Role in Smart Manufacturing & Automotive Acceleration

  • What role MNOS’s play in the success of industries including, Industry 4.0 to Industry X.0 and autonomous vehicles.
  • Will mobile private networks, 5G and WiFi 6 accelerate digital transformation and will this see an increase in the rise of enterprises licencing chunks of networks rather than buying?
  • More sensors means more connectivity and a higher chance of cyber-attacks, what solutions are there to help keep factories, machines, autonomous vehicles and other smart devices safe?
  • What barriers need to be overcome to enable progression in these spaces?


Networking Break

Future Connectivity


Presentation: The Evolving Faces of IoT Connectivity

  • The current state of the IoT connectivity landscape – LPWAN, eSIM, LTE, 5G and how satellites are not equipped to support these advancements.
  • Are these enough for what industries need and is 5G just a hype?
  • How connectivity solutions need to evolve to cope with demand, while maintaining security and scalability.
  • A use-case of IoT connectivity for industries.


Presentation: 5G and IoT Evolution


Presentation: Connectivity the Wireless Dots – Mapping the Way for Future IoT Connectivity

  • Discussing the structure and standards for network connectivity needed across industries.
  • How do we map the way for IoT connectivity and other network solutions?
  • Is building partnerships with network providers the key to success?
  • Barriers affecting this evolution.


Panel: Future Progressions – A look at the IoT Connectivity space

  • How has 5G disrupted and evolved the connectivity of IoT devices?
  • What will be the next disruption in the IoT connectivity landscape? WiFi 6?
  • The IoT has come a long way in the last 10 years, what are the predictions for the next 10 years?


Enterprise Connectivity: Closing Presentation

Chair’s Closing Remarks Day 2


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