Day 2 - 6 November 2020



Jeanne Holm

Deputy CIO & Senior Technology Advisor to the Mayor

City of Los Angeles

Associated Talks:

10:00AM - Day 2

View Presentation: Connecting Communities – Smart Environments through IoT Networks

10:40AM - Day 1

View Panel: Intelligent Decision Making – IoT & AI Data Analytics for Predictive Maintenance & Process Optimisation

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Presentation: Connecting Communities – Smart Environments through IoT Networks

  • As the core of smart stadiums, cities and environments successes are based off of connectivity, which solution/s from the wide-array of options available will be integral to future success?
  • What other disruptive technologies can enable these connected spaces?
  • A look at the pro’s and con’s of these and industry use-cases.
. Jeanne Holm, Deputy CIO & Senior Technology Advisor to the Mayor, City of Los Angeles



Presentation: Covering the Range – Connectivity Considerations of the IoT

  • What is the best connectivity option for your product?
  • Discussions around range vs. data rate vs. power consumption for these IoT connectivity technologies.
  • The necessary steps that need to be taken to help secure and scale networks – is this where Mobile Private Networks step-in?
  • How to adopt key connectivity and security solutions into your pre-existing infrastructure.



Panel: Connectivity is Key; IoT’s role in Connecting Citizens during a Pandemic

  • How the current network infrastructure is supporting the increased demand in connectivity.
  • Discussions around range vs. data rate vs power consumption of these networks – can IoT connectivity technology provide the answer, from LP-WAN to LoRa?
  • Is there a disconnect between 5G rollout and integration with existing infrastructure – as well as a public trust issue?
  • The drawbacks for each network, including security and whether devices can actively initiate communication with the network.



Presentation TBC

To follow soon…



Presentation: The Pro’s & Con’s of Network Solutions for Industrial Production

  • What are the wireless technology trends in the smart factory space?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using WLAN or cellular technologies for industrial production, including Private LTE & 5G solutions.
  • Where is your money best spent? Wired Vs wireless interface cost implication.


Lunch and Speed Networking on Grip



Keynote Presentation: Connectivity the Wireless Dots – Mapping the Way for Future IoT Connectivity

  • Discussing the structure and standards for network connectivity needed across industries.
  • How do we map the way for IoT connectivity and other network solutions?
  • Is building partnerships with network providers the key to success?
  • Barriers affecting this evolution.



Erik Groen

Global Project Director, Connectivity


Associated Talks:

01:00PM - Day 2

View Presentation: The Future for zero-carbon transition – IoT & Connectivity for the Energy Market

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Presentation: The Future for zero-carbon transition – IoT & Connectivity for the Energy Market

Session overview to follow soon ….

. Erik Groen, Global Project Director, Connectivity, Engie



Presentation: Powering the Future with Disruptive Technologies – The Possibilities and Barriers

  • What flaws have been apparent in previous innovative systems, from lack of data flow to device errors.
  • Examples of current IoT and disruptive technology systems providing industry solutions.
  • Barriers blocking progression, including data gaps from legacy equipment to system errors and beyond.
  • How mass personalisation is the next frontier.



Live Track Sponsor Keynote: We Work Better Together – How Collaborations are Key to Success

  • Breaking down silos – barriers to entry.
  • How to evaluate new technologies for your business.
  • Understanding the risks.
  • How to make strategic decisions that are right for your company, not just your technology strategy.



Presentation: IoT & The Intelligent Enterprise – What Matters?

  • What are the best practices to achieve an intelligent enterprise?
  • How can IoT help enable transformation?
  • Examples of these solutions in practice



Presentation: Monetizing the Enterprise – IoT for ROI

  • Exploring which Digital Technologies can increase business optimisation, rather than unnecessary adoption.
  • The power of Edge for optimised processes.
  • Finding the balance – the importance of cultural progression and sustainability capabilities to enable the workforce.
  • Looking beyond productivity and growth, how else can IoT be leveraged for better ROI?