Day 1

29 November 2017


IoT Innovations & Technologies: Chair’s welcome and opening comments


IoT 2022: a five year vision

  • What are the newest innovations within IoT software, hardware and platforms and how are they impacting the current market?
  • What will companies have to do to still be viable in a 2022 IoT marketplace?
  • Predictions for which sectors will see growth in the next 5 years and which ones will fall by the wayside?


IoT Innovation: Robotics

A presentation from a leading IoT innovator in Robotics, demonstrating their latest advances in this rapidly changing field, from home help, to retail via last mile delivery systems and healthcare.


IoT Innovation: Drones

A presentation from a leading IoT innovator in Drone technology, demonstrating their latest advances in this rapidly changing field from enterprise to government.


IoT Innovation: Transport

A presentation from a leading IoT innovator in the transport sector, demonstrating their latest advances in this rapidly changing field from automated vehicles to air travel.


Networking Break


IoT Innovation: 3D Printing

A presentation from a leading IoT innovator in the transport sector, demonstrating their latest advances in this rapidly changing field from food printing to changing the supply chain with factory floor 3D printers for spare parts.


Powering IoT Devices

  • The challenges associated with creating power-efficient wireless devices.
  • Discussion of a holistic approach towards optimizing the power consumption of IoT devices.
  • Which market and technology trends will help increase the adoption rate of wireless devices for IoT applications?
  • Which place will energy harvesting take in future IoT product designs?


Panel: Creating a seamless connected building ecosystem: in the home, hospitality and the workplace

  • To what extent can tech like gateways, hubs, smart meters, security, lighting, and entertainment form a central component of the connected home and workplace?
  • What should businesses consider when choosing a connected building or home platform; closed vs open software, monitoring and configuration, provisioning and authentication and software updates and maintenance?
  • What role will partnerships play in ensuring the maximum delivery from interconnected devices?
  • The role of the cloud and mesh systems in smart home and workplace connectivity.


Case Study: The connected home, what’s next?

  • The connectivity capacity of devices within the home has already been revolutionised, how is device management going to follow suit?
  • Will deep learning and machine intelligence enable connected devices to make the move in automation from reactive to anticipatory?
  • What role will partnerships play in ensuring the maximum delivery from interconnected devices?
  • How does the speed of innovation within the Connected Home space affect the development phase of products in order to monetise quicker?


Networking Break


Case Study: AR/VR in Enterprise

A case study from enterprise about how AR/VR technology is being utilised to aid workers, improve safety and add business value, including real life examples and a discussion of some of the challenges and opportunities presented by this technology within the workplace.



Case Study: The latest in IoT security technology.

This talk will highlight some of the latest IoT security developments from one of the industry’s leading providers of E2E security solutions.


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MeetUp Number 2


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Day 2

30 November 2017


IoT Innovations and Technologies: Chair’s welcome and opening comments


Keynote: Lessons we can learn from Insurance and IoT

  • Examples of how the insurance industry has embraced the IoT – pay as you drive, home insurance and health insurance
  • How IoT has disrupted the insurance industry
  • Individualising services for customers
  • Making money from data


Panel: Future directions for the IoT in insurance

  • How can connecting devices change how insurance products are delivered in the future?
  • How can insurers improve their customer experience and still drive efficiency?
  • Discussions around how transparent your data should be to your customers?
  • How can insurers harness data and analytics to provide their customers and policy holders with the right products that meet their needs?
  • What can IoT for insurance learn from other industries?


Innovations and opportunities in connected health

  • What are the latest ground breaking ideas and innovations in healthcare technology and how are they affecting the healthcare industry in developing and developed countries?
  • Who are the stakeholders in the mobile health field and how are they adapting to technological changes?
  • Who is going to pay for technology and how are developments and progress in technology affecting the healthcare ecosystem?


Hearables – the next generation of IoT health wearable?

  • One recent study by Juniper Research suggests that the market for hearables could reach $5 billion in revenue by 2020, but what are they and who uses them?
  • What impact could they have on the connected health business, via allowing for more accurate and easy measuring of vital signs like heartrate, body temperature and blood pressure.
  • How smart, interactive wireless headphones can be used to transform the way we live and work.
  • What are the potential applications for such technology, i.e. improving worker safety, giving notifications, instructions and communications as well as biometric identification?


Networking break


Panel: Raising the bar – can IoT improve our fitness and performance?

  • Discussing the convergence of sport and technology – smart clothing, accessories and fitness wear that can do everything from monitor your heart to charge your smartphone.
  • How can predictive analytics can play a role in improving sports performance in personal and a team setting?
  • Exploring innovations in smart textiles, sensors and platforms and examining which areas will provide future growth
  • Sensors and connectivity: choices and challenges.


Case Study: Learning from the Players

How the latest IoT products and analytics are being used at a real life sports team to improve the players fitness, accuracy and performance.


Networking Break


Keynote Panel: How is the IoT shaping consumer-brand relationships in retail and beyond?

  • Exploring how the IoT can create a direct brand-consumer channel.
  • What potential does this IoT ‘channel’ have for multi-way communication and to what extent can it be used for consumer engagement?
  • How does this evolving landscape affect retailer’s relationship with their customers, both in store and digitally, such as utilising wearables, smart TVs and BLE technology?
  • Using IoT data streams to effectively equip yourself to form closer relationships with the customer.
  • Security and privacy necessary for trust-based consumer-brand relationship.


Case Study: IoT in Retail

  • How does the era of IoT change the relationship between retail stores and their shoppers e.g through Smart mirrors, dressing rooms, supply chain management and individualised marketing.
  • Which tech is worth investing in, within this space?
  • Real life examples of how IoT is being used look across in-store experience, real-time marketing, enhanced loyalty programs, and mobile e-commerce.


Session End

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