Day 2 - 5 November 2020




IoT Sensors & Solutions: Opening Presentation

Chair’s Opening Remarks Day 2

Developing & Deploying IoT Solutions


Presentation: Data on the Move – Smart Logistics and the Connected Fleet

  • What is key when looking for the kind of IoT solution to fit your businesses fleet management needs?
  • Business without borders – How partnerships within this industry can enable an effective connectivity network.
  • The role of Telematics in the connected fleet optimisation
  • Looking to the future, how will this technology develop from predictive to proactive?


Presentation: How to Scale Up IoT Digital Solutions to Accelerate Value

  • Where are we today with the deployment of IoT Solutions?
  • How do we move from pilots to roll-outs and larger scale projects?
  • Highlights of value generation for customers.
  • Key recommendations and takeaways.


Presentation: Connecting Communities with Integrated Sensors

  • Sensor integration; How these vary across industries and what barriers are present?
  • How cloud applications allow for a seamless flow of data connectivity.
  • Understanding the data collected and how it can help industries build a sustainable future.


Presentation: Getting with the Times – IT/ OT Convergence

  • Maximising your industry operations with IT/ OT Convergence.
  • The importance of connecting legacy assets to gain insights in your processes.
  • Which wireless solutions will be best placed for your infrastructure? A discussion around the pro’s and con’s of different options.


Senior Representative, Whole Foods Market, Inc

Associated Talks:

12:15PM - Day 2

View Panel: Fuel of the Future – a Holistic look at the Smart Energy & Sustainability Space

09:45AM - Day 1

View Presentation: Barriers to Adoption – What are the Biggest Challenges across the IoT Space?

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Panel: Fuel of the Future – a Holistic look at the Smart Energy & Sustainability Space

  • Beyond utilities; How smart energy provides efficiency and sustainability across enterprises.
  • Are deployment phases and data errors the biggest barriers in the slow progression here?
  • From e-charging and solar polar to smart grids, what is the future of smart energy?
  • Discussing the benefits of IoT applied energy technology to enable a sustainable future.
. Senior Representative, Whole Foods Market, Inc, ,


Networking Break

Testing in the IoT Eco-system


Anil Rachakonda

Vice President, Co-pace


Associated Talks:

01:45PM - Day 2

View Presentation: Prepare to Succeed – The Importance of R&D

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Presentation: Prepare to Succeed – The Importance of R&D

  • Research – What are the initial steps in researching and how to utilise the data gathered to understand your consumers.
  • Innovation – Discussing the careful execution of a Proof of Concept (PoC) and managing expectations.
  • Adoption – Industry use-cases of pilot adoption and acceleration.
  • Outcome – How to determine if it was a success and how you can alter to succeed.
. Anil Rachakonda, Vice President, Co-pace, Continental


Presentation: Can your IoT Device withstand the Rigors of the Real World?

  • Predict and extend the battery life of your IoT device.
  • Ensure that your IoT device can peacefully coexist with other wireless devices out there.
  • Implement a cost-effective manufacturing test solution on your production lines.


Presentation: Digital Testing to Enable a Connected World

  • How do you know if a product, service or solution is trustworthy?
  • Exploring Eurofins Digital Testing services.
  • Discussing the verification process and how to know what to use.


Presentation: Testing & Standards with OPC Foundation

  • A closer look at the OPC Foundation test-lab – ensuring products are creditable for market.
  • Standards for IoT in the industrial space.
  • Collaborations across industries to create best-practice standards.


Presentation: The Pro’s & Con’s of Network Solutions for Industrial Production

  • What are the wireless technology trends in the smart factory space?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using WLAN or cellular technologies for industrial production, including Private LTE & 5G solutions.
  • Where is your money best spent? Wired Vs wireless interface cost implication.


Sudhir Pai

Chairman, Board of Directors

Technology Collaboration Center

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Panel: IoT Predictions, 2021 and Beyond

  • What are the current hottest innovations within the IoT market?
  • What’s the next industry to be transformed by the IoT?
  • The IoT has come a long way in the last 10 years, what are the predictions for the next 10 years?
Moderator: . Sudhir Pai, Chairman, Board of Directors, Technology Collaboration Center


IoT Sensors & Solutions: Closing Presentation

Chair’s Closing Remarks Day 2


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