Day 1 - 4 November 2020




Utilising the IoT: Opening Presentation

Chair’s Opening Remarks Day 1

Optimised Device Management


Presentation: Powering the Future with Disruptive Technologies – The Possibilities and Barriers

  • What flaws have been apparent in previous innovative systems, from lack of data flow to device errors.
  • Examples of current IoT and disruptive technology systems providing industry solutions.
  • Barriers blocking progression, including data gaps from legacy equipment to system errors and beyond.
  • How mass personalisation is the next frontier.


Presentation: ‘Next Generation’ Data & Devices

  • Connecting the world – how to adopt an event driven approach.
  • Challenges in the process including scalability and cost.
  • How deploying a hybrid IoT event mesh can enable you to make this transition easily.


Presentation: From Insights to Operations – Utilise your Cloud Data with WayLay

  • Understanding how Cloud technologies are enabling better data usage.
  • The evolution from manual systems to real automation.
  • Building from the data you have to optimise processes.


Presentation: From Sensor to Cloud – OPC UA is the Enabler for Semantic Industrial Interoperability

  • Connectivity is not enough – Semantic is key for IIoT and Industry 4.0.
  • How do you define data to enable actionable processes?
  • Real world with solution providers: With security from sensor’s to IT Enterprise and Cloud.


Presentation: Leading Building Automation for a Sustainable Future

  • What current IoT solutions are popular across industry verticals?
  • How will building automation enables a sustainable future?
  • Examples of building automation in practice.


Panel: It’s a Smart World After All – The Role of IoT in Buildings, Healthcare, Retail & Beyond

  • The latest trends and technologies advancing connected living.
  • What needs to be implemented early on and what system works best for your enterprise?
  • Data management and security of sensitive insights.
  • The advantages of these solutions for retail, healthcare, hospitality, buildings and more.


Networking Break

Utilising Data for Assets


Presentation: Covering your Assets – Insurance in the Digital Age

  • Drivers for Change – How technology is enabling innovative products and services.
  • The role of data and IoT in the evolution of insurance, including use-cases of this in practice.
  • Challenges for insurers and the IoT.
  • Labs to scale – Practical guidance on how to build business cases for new propositions.


Presentation: Where’s Wally? Critical-asset Tracking & Why You Need It

  • A game changer outside of the networks space – how Alcatel-Lucent’s asset tracking capabilities will enhance the asset connectivity space.
  • The advantages of running from Bluetooth low-energy.
  • Examples of this in industry.


Presentation: A Step Ahead of the Competition with Enterprise Asset Management

  • Covering the fundamentals and how asset management naturally leads to optimisation, increased productivity and reduced costs.
  • Putting the data gathered to use using AI and IoT technologies.
  • Staying ahead of the breakdowns with predictive maintenance.


Presentation: Ready, Set, Connect! The Power of Real-time Intelligence for Fleet Management

  • Real-time business intelligence software turns raw data into insights a business can use to access the right information in a short period of time’ – a closer look at how to leverage these insights.
  • What are your most valuable data touch points?
  • Expanding on what this means for fleet management services.


Presentation: Roll-up, roll-out; IoT Asset Management

  • How to make assets smart?
  • Connecting assets for true actionable insights.
  • From crowd management, to predictive maintenance and assert tracking – how IoT is continuing to transform industries.

IoT Security Solutions


Presentation: Following the Security Light – How to Prevent Attacks by Choosing the Right Cellular Provider

  • How to protect your business from cyber-attacks – examples of security failures.
  • Why and how attackers are trying to get control of the devices and how to minimize attack surfaces.
  • How Cloud can be the shining light for system security.


Presentation: Staying Secure; Cyber Security as the Boiling Point for IoT Success

  • Do enterprises really understand the risks they are at from cyber-attacks, both from industry and personal devices?
  • As the adoption of IoT devices is only precited to increase, how can enterprises aim to secure their systems and stay ahead of the threats?
  • Learn from their mistakes – examining failed cyber systems from competitors to protect yourself.


Innovation Slot 1

Lightning session from innovators in the IoT space.


Innovation Slot 2

Lightning session from innovators in the IoT space.


Innovation Slot 3

Lightning session from innovators in the IoT space.


Panel: Climbing the Security Mountain – How to tackle Security Challenges of the IoT

  • What are the most important considerations for an IoT device manufacturer when it comes to security? Including what policies and standards must be adhered to.
  • Enabling data security in IoT – protecting integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of information.
  • Addressing the risks of not securing big data – are there other complimentary emerging technologies which IoT could collaborate with to change the game?
  • Importance of other aspects of IoT security including, testing, educating your workforce and physical security for devices.


Utilising the IoT: Closing Presentation

Chair’s Closing Remarks Day 1


Session's Close

Networking Party | 6pm-10pm | Levi’s Stadium  

An evening of networking on Wednesday 4th November 2020 from 6pm. Access for Ultimate, Gold & Expo Plus holders in addition to speakers, sponsors, press & exhibitors. Taking place at Strandzuid, RAI. Join us for drinks & networking