Kiran Pande has over 22 years experience in the IT industry with consultancies like KPMG and Fujitsu,  large world corporations such as Ford, GE, BAT, M&S, with Govt agencies like Home Office and national critical infrastructure such as Heathrow. He has played key roles in technical and management areas primarily related to data, analytics and more recently big data and cloud initiatives. He has worked in India, USA, Canada, South Africa, Singapore and now settled in UK with wife and a lovely singer, composer daughter and a naughty drummer son. He is a proven leader in data & analytics programmes, cloud & digital strategies and topics like commercialisation of data or data management in a regulatory environment. Industries covered in his experience spectrum are Retail & Hospitality, Energy, Consultancy, National infrastructure, Public sector & systems integrator to name a few. He currently sponsors solutions and leads Heathrow’s cloud transformation for data initiatives.

Kiran Pande is speaking at the IoT Tech Expo Europe 2019.