Joss Langford is the executive director of Coelition, an independent non-profit organisation that promotes the responsible use of personal data captured by IoT systems. He is also CTO at Activinsights, providing patient lifestyle insights to healthcare professionals with wearables and connected devices to support disease treatment and prevention. Joss is an engineer with senior management experience in blue chip, SME and start-up businesses. His expertise is reinforced with a proven track-record developing new ventures, brands, products and digital services. Joss co-chairs the OASIS COEL open standard technical committee – a privacy-by-design framework for the collection, interoperability and data portability of personal behavioural data. He co-authored Data to Life presenting a radical new roadmap for collecting and handling behavioural data. Joss holds a BSc in Cybernetics & Control Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce and a Member of the Institute of Engineering Technology.